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EPDM of plastic track and its construction process

 EPDM plastic track has better elasticity and lower hardness than normal track.  EPDM plastic track has moderate elasticity, can reduce physical consumption, improve performance, it has a strong elastic layer and buffer layer, can absorb weak impact, appearance will not be damaged, because EPDM plastic track excellent elasticity and hardness, so it is often used in the sports field.  

 EPDM plastic track is a mixture of EPDM rubber particles and polyurethane adhesive. It is a good solution for the surface of sports field at present, and it is also a sports field material approved by the IAAF.  


EPDM plastic track durable wear, rich color, do not fade, no seams, fast paving speed and other products can not resist, but also for athletes' joints have a good buffer and protection, according to the elastic requirements of different sports 4-8mm thick, homogeneous EPDM particles as the surface.  


EPDM plastic track is mainly used for schools and kindergartens non-standard track, not the standard type of plastic track.  Generally speaking, EPDM plastic track low price, good effect, cheap and good quality, the cost is far lower than other plastic track.  EPDM plastic track mainly includes EPDM plane ventilated plastic track and EPDM spray ventilated plastic track.  

EPDM is a fixed track material, mainly composed of EPDM rubber granular layer and rubber bottom layer. The international competition standard EPDM track specification is 13mm (6mm EPDM color rubber layer, 7mm rubber layer).  EPDM color rubber layer can also be thickened according to the need, EPDM plastic track all day long use, will not fade due to uv, acid rain and other pollution, can maintain a long-term high level of use.  Its underlying by polyurethane adhesive according to the special rubber particles formed control mixing ratio, thickness is controlled by a professional construction machinery, is the alternative products silicon PU stadium, construction is convenient, strong adaptability to foundation, not easy peeling, blister, etc, and environmental protection free from contamination, do not fade, no particles, permeability, low cost, mechanical construction, good flatness,  It is the best road surface based on reinforced concrete, the color is iron red, grass green or according to the user's needs, so EPDM plastic track is widely used!